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Infosec 2014 – PCI DSS 3.0, Application security and penetration testing

May 2, 2014

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An Infosecurity 2014 talk

Adam Brown, UK Manager Quotium
Tim Holman, CEO & Chief Consultant 2-Sec, President ISSA-UK

The success and impact of a cyber-attack largely depends on how secure an organization’s software applications are. When applications have serious vulnerabilities, a cyber-attack can easily succeed and its impact can be considerable. PCI DSS goes a long way to protect card holder data and also mandates secure applications. See what’s new in version 3.0 of the standard and how it relates to application security and see how new technology can be applied to development processes to create continuous security assurance for applications early in the development life cycle.

  • Gain a high level understanding of changes to PCI DSS in version 3.0 of the standard
  • Understand Application Security implications for PCI DSS
  • Understand developing and really maintaining secure systems and applications
  • Discover how to use runtime code and data analysis to drive secure development
  • Testing for card holder data security throughout the application using runtime code

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