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May 11, 2013

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El Al

El Al, Israel’s airlines, selected Seeker as their application security testing solution to be part of existing software quality assurance processes. Seeker is routinely used by El Al for testing of applications developed internally and by third party vendors.


El Al Israel Airlines Ltd (TASE:ELAL) features over 5,700 employees and flies to a total of 35 destinations. El Al is faced with daily cyber threats from organized and unorganized threats, and is required to meet the highest levels of application security to prevent these threats from endangering the safety of over 4 million passengers yearly.

The Need

El Al performs ongoing penetration tests on web applications developed in-house and by external subcontractors. Manual penetration testing is a costly process, and is usually performed when applications approach the production stage.

El Al needed an application security solution as part of their constant efforts to improve their secure development process. To ensure the highest level of application security and reduce the costs associated with addressing security threats, El Al has examined several solutions.

The solution was to be used by Quality Assurance personnel who are not experts in application security, allowing El Al to perform autonomous in-house application security testing as part of development and quality assurance processes rather than addressing application security at the end of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). El Al needed a solution they could use without incurring additional workload on the application security teams.

The solution – Seeker

Seeker has been selected by El Al as the most suitable solution for application security testing during the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Seeker is used on a regular basis by members of the quality assurance team. For this purpose, no additional application security training was required and the QA personnel involved in the process have been successful in operating Seeker and delivering effective results within a short period of time.

As part of the quality assurance, Seeker is used on applications that are currently in development, including new modules and components that are added to existing applications already in deployment.

Bottom line

Seeker allows El Al to utilize a member of the quality assurance team to perform ongoing testing of application security as part of existing QA processes in the organization.

Claude Zribi, Head of Development and Integration, El Al – “Seeker allowed us to improve our secure development process while cutting back on development costs. Quotium is a vendor who delivers on his promise and more, with a solid offering and a strong team to back it up.”

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