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QTest load testing software : some references


Societé Générale use QTest to performance test their Siebel environment, they have the largest installation of Siebel on a single server and are able to achieve this with very efficient performance methods. Societé General have run tests as with up to 25,000 virtual users and frequently test between a few hundred and 9000 virtual users with QTest.

CGD is the largest bank in Portugal and chose QTest after a competitive analysis including HP LoadRunner and MicroFocus Silk Performer. QTest was chosen at it fit best with the banks applications, was powerful and flexible enough for their requirements and they were particularly happy with the support from Quotium.

Macquarie Bank of Sydney is one of Quotium’s newest customers and have installed QTest after investigating the market from a technical perspective. They found QTest to be the solution that fitted their needs the best.


Potugal Telecom makes heavy use of QTest for testing multiple web applications within the PTSI group. Last year they completed a very large performance test with 3000 virtual users of a new Siebel CRM system for Portugal Telecom.


SQS is the largest ‘pure play’ testing consultancy in Europe and have one of the largest dedicated performance testing consultancy team in the UK.There customer base lies in the main in the financial services industry. After buying a special consultancy license, SQS use QTest to deliver value add consultancy to their customers. Furthermore they also recommend QTest especially where customers want a high tech performance testing solution and are unhappy with other vendors’ rates.

Tata Consultancy Services take advantage of QTest’s broad coverage of web technology such as Flex, GWT, Ajax etc. to test a wide range of applications that they develop for their customers. QTest was chosen for its suitability of use by professionals who’s goals were to accurately and correctly test web applications for performance.


NHS CSL is a unique organisation within the NHS, essentially providing ‘business to business’ support to London PCTs by developing products and services which make commissioning easier. Products include tools such as claims and contract management solutions, provider performance analysis and a health needs analysis toolkit which provides a single point of access for commissioners to analyse health requirements in their area. NHS use QTest and QAP for performance testing and performance management. A case study is available on NHS’s use of Quotium’s products.

The National Policing Improvement Agency run many applications to support the British police force. This includes the Police National Computer (PNC). The NPIA use QTest to validate the performance of these applications before each release to ensure that the IT applications that support the police force deliver high performance and a stable platform.

The General Register Office (Part of the Identity and Passports Service) of Great Britain use QTest to performance test their very busy web applications for public access to public documents that they hold and must make available to those seeking that information. After an audit where other tools where investigated QTest was still chosen as the most suitable for correct, accurate, large scale performance tests while being easy to use.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council used QTest along with SQS consultants to performance test their CRM application. The application was a Microsoft WPF (Windows Presentation Framework) smart client application underpinned with Microsoft’s WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) running over a web service. QTest was able to quickly create user scenarios and with its anomaly detection was able to find performance bottlenecks in the application. With its remediation recommendations NMC were able to quickly correct these issues ready for go live.

Manufacture & Engineering

Forbo Flooring Systems had a requirement to test an SAP application for their enterprise resource planning. QTest was chosen due to its particular suitability for testing SAP Netweaver applications. Forbo were able to create accurate and correct performance tests for the application by using QTest’s advanced script editor which enabled them to quickly compare generated load against captured transactions and quickly edit the the scenario for the SAP system.

Arup had requirements to test many applications running on various technologies for performance. QTest was evaluated in a proof of concept against a total of eight applications, varying from Oracle applications, to SharePoint, to internally authored applications. Arup’s main focus was their HR application which had to manage thousands of users concurrently. After performance tuning with QTest and the companies DBA the applcaition achieved its goals, increasing performance by a factor of 10.


Yell Adworks are the division of Yell group who run the Yellow Pages. Their technology delivers advertising production services and delivery. QTest is used as part of their continuing drive to ensure that they have scalable infrastructure and high performance applications.

Durrants provide Media research to their customers to enable them to understand how their brand is being portrayed across multiple channels, enable them to track the success of PR campaigns and to discover trends in their marketing space. Durrants use QTest to ensure their customer facing web application delivers a high performance service.

Taylor & Francis is a leading international academic publisher with a strong presence in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia. It publishes more than 1000 journals and around 1,800 new books each year, with a books backlist in excess of 20,000 specialist titles, informing academics from past to present. Taylor & Francis is part of the Informa Group plc, the world’s largest publicly-owned organiser of conferences and courses. Informa World is accessed globally and must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Off peak it generally has 1,200 concurrent users accessing it. It is a critical revenue earner for the group and therefore must be constantly available and must deliver a high performance service to its users. QTest has been chosen to replace LoadRunner and now is used to large performance test with 4,000 Virtual Users.

Ebsco Publishing use QTest to performance test releases of their Web Application powering Ebsco Host. Ebsco host databases and discovery technologies are the most-used, premium online information resources for tens of thousands of institutions worldwide, representing millions of end-users.

Rotohog – Part of Sport Composite provide on line fantasy league style sports games. Sports Composite / Rotohog use QTest to accurate and correctly generate load against their applications for performance testing.

Non Profit

Girl Guiding UK is a children’s organisation that is run by volunteers, it has millions of members and organisers. When GGUK implemented their electronic membership platform they needed to ensure that their volunteer members time was not wasted waiting for pages to load on the site. After numerous rounds of testing and tuning using QTest GGUK were able to go live successfully with their application and service there million+ user base.

Great Run by Nova International operates the largest and most well-known charity running event in the UK after the London Marathon. The Great Run registration site is tested by QTest to ensure that the thousands of concurrent users attempting to register when tickets are available are able to do so without delay. The registration application is tested frequently to ensure that new functionality and code does not cause a regression in performance.

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