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Quotium to Showcase Software for Runtime Code & Data Security Testing Automation At RSA 2014

San Franscisco – (RSA 2014 #Booth 2120) — Quotium, the leading security and quality software provider, will showcase Seeker – its innovative application security testing solution – at RSA Conference 2014, taking place February 24-28 in San Francisco.
Data breached by Hackers hit record numbers last year; 280 Million personal data have been compromised through applications vulnerabilities.
Seeker is a software solution which enables organizations to protect business applications and critical data without compromising software development, speed and quality.
Seeker automates code & data security testing as an intrinsic part of the development process especially Agile development. Seeker accurately identifies vulnerabilities that pose an actual threat, shows the exact location of issues in the code and the remediation that should be applied. Seeker looks at application vulnerabilities in the context of how hackers would use them to compromise data. It launches simulated attacks to prioritize risks and shows the attacker point of view to help build an effective vulnerability management program. The combination of the runtime analysis technology and simulated attacks allows to determine the actual risk and remove any false positives (if it can be exploited – it must be real), without having false negatives.
This means no human intervention is needed to run the tests or do results triage. Seeker works out of the box automatically with any development tools and processes. Seeker’s technology has been chosen by analysts and market thought leaders as the new generation of code security testing. To stop attackers, application security must be agile, continuous and automated. To learn more, come to see Quotium team at booth 2120 at RSA Conference 2014 for a demo or go to www.quotium.com/

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